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Vedra Lodge No.3137 is a Lodge of Freemasons meeting at Wearside Masonic Temple. The Lodge meets on the fourth Friday, September to April, excluding December, starting at 7:00pm. The Installation meeting is held in November at 6.30pm.  (Only Good Friday, can cause the movement of a fourth Friday meeting)


The Lodge has been warranted since 1st December 1905 and takes its name from the Vedra, a river marked on Ancient Roman maps believed to be the Wear, the river on which Sunderland stands. The word Vedra, pronounced as Veedra, is in turn thought to have derived from the Brythonic word Wedra, meaning "a curve or bend"; possibly relating to the distinctive shape the river makes as it flows through Durham.


Vedra Lodge has always drawn its membership with a particular bias from prominent local members of the medical and legal professions, interlaced with an eclectic mix of gentlemen from all walks of life, though still possessing that vital spark of humour so enjoyed by students; there is always the feeling that a Vedra Festive Board is not very far removed from the revelry and high spirits the brethren embraced in their student days at their university.


The Lodge was formed as a 'dining lodge' at a time when dining after Masonic meetings was generally regarded as somewhat of an afterthought, if at all. A group of Sunderland Freemasons from different lodges decided that for a perfect Masonic evening, that the ceremonial part was required to be followed by a festive board which should be equally enjoyable and both would be to a very high standard. These founding principles have remained intact to the present day; the Lodge is renowned for its warm welcoming hospitality enhanced by the diverse personalities of its members, the sincerity of its ceremonies and the high quality of its festive boards. (January is centred around 'Rabbie Burns' with Haggis included, September is a Special Dining Night and its Installation needs little introduction.) A well-known highlight of the dining experience is the “Vedra Anthem”, which has been sung at all Lodge meetings since the 1930s, having been introduced to the Lodge by W Bro John G Rutherford, who was later knighted.


The members of Vedra Lodge trust that visiting brethren will see that that this is a happy Lodge and one where members feel very much at home. The underlying ethos of working hard at the ceremonies to make them personal, dignified and sincere for candidates, and playing hard with a Vedra-style when at festive board is the distinguishing characteristic of the Lodge. Visiting brethren will be made most welcome and are advised to contact the Lodge Secretary at least 2 clear days in advance with regards to dining.