Cry "God for Harry, England and St. George!"

Civic Lodge No.5841 once again held their annual "England and St. George" evening as part of their April meeting at Wearside Masonic Temple and, as regular attendees will testify, it met everybody's expectations as an excellent night of Masonic friendship.

With the Lodge tyled, the Worshipful Master and his team of officers performed an efficient and well-delivered ceremony, passing Brother Lynn to the Second Degree. Retiring to the festive board, over 100 Freemasons sat down to dine and enjoyed the traditional English fayre of roast beef in great company.

With the usual formalities completed, the Brethren were treated to a little bit of culture as Henry V himself turned up and delivered the famous soliloquy from the eponymous Shakespeare play; a little bit of humour as Vice-Admiral Nelson and Captain Hardy decried the state of England compared to 1815 and some excellent harmony performed by the "Doo Wop Dollies", singing all those great vintage songs that the Brethren could join in with. Added to this was the regular singing battle between halves of the dining room, each trying to outdo the other with renditions of "It's A Long Way To Tipperary" and "Pack Up Your Troubles".

The formal proceedings being ended, the event continued into the early hours, with enjoying each other's company being the order of the evening. On behalf of the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Civic Lodge No.5841, thank you to all those who made the night run smoothly and we look forward to welcoming you next year!

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