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Ernest Dixon Lodge No.7856 is a Lodge of Freemasons meeting at Wearside Masonic Temple. The Lodge meets on the fourth Monday of the month between September and May, with the exception of the December meeting which is the second Monday. Meetings commence at 7:00pm. The Installation meeting is in January. Unlike most Lodges, Ernest Dixon Lodge uses an adapted version of the West End ritual, rather than the more common Emulation ritual.


Comparatively, Ernest Dixon Lodge No.7856 is one of the younger Lodges in Wearside Masonic Temple, being consecrated in December 1962. The Lodge is named after Robert Wilkin Ernest Dixon, a prominent Sunderland Freemason who served as Provincial Grand Master of Durham from 1937 to 1959. When the Lodge was formed as a daughter of Thornhill Lodge No.3216, the founding members considered many names including Duke of Edinburgh Lodge, King George Lodge and Walton Lodge, but eventually settled upon Ernest Dixon Lodge; proudly dedicating the Lodge to the memory of such a distinguished Freemason.

The philosophy of the Lodge is one of enjoyment; members are encouraged to take their Masonic duties seriously and couple this with enjoyable festive boards and social activities. The Lodge has a very successful Ladies' Night, which is held every November at Wearside Masonic Temple and always sells out.

The members of Ernest Dixon Lodge are from a variety of backgrounds, including teachers, tradesmen, businessmen, publicans, engineers and civil servants. The youngest member of the Lodge is in his early-twenties and the oldest member is in his nineties! Despite the variety in vocation and age, the members form a tight-knit group with strong bonds of fraternity.

Visiting brethren will be made most welcome and are advised to contact the Lodge Secretary in advance with regards to dining.