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Civic Lodge No.5841 is a Lodge of Freemasons meeting at the Wearside Masonic Temple. 

The Lodge meets on the second Friday of the month, October to May. The Installation meeting is in October.

The Lodge has been warranted since 3rd September 1941. The name Civic Lodge takes its rise as the Lodge was initially consecrated for members of Sunderland Borough Council and all other men associated with the civic life of the then-town, now-city of Sunderland. This distinction has long since disappeared and Civic Lodge now has a membership from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Civic Lodge is famous throughout the Province and beyond for its annual St George's Night celebrations, held on the evening of their April meeting, where guests are treated to a festive board of proud singing of English anthems and a visit from a well-known patriotic figure such as King Henry V or even Britannia herself.

Visiting brethren will be made most welcome and are advised to contact the Lodge Secretary in advance with regards to dining.